Friday, April 20, 2012

Why a To - Do List is useless! (Time Management)

Our existence in itself is a time based phenomenon. We are on this planet for some odd 60 - 80 years (mostly). Our actions won't effect us an ounce before our birth and after we are gone. What time will hold is our ability to have an impression on it (read history).
Time is the costliest commodity. Time is money. It is wrong. We can't buy a lost second by all of the world's wealth. Thus every second, every moment must be spent very wisely.

To start working on Time Management the need to feel the importance of time is crucial. If the value of time is not percieved and realised there will not be any attempt to protect it. By daily reviewing over efforts spent for the day and where we could have done better is a key to realise the same. A manual time log will be very handy. 

When i get overwhelmed by my To-Do list i resort to a quick fix approach. I call this the "Right Away Technique".

If you have so many things to do and you are not able to decide then pic the most urgent, most pressing task. Pick a task such that if you didn't do it the whole world will come down. Decide on the task and do it. Period.

Once done with your First "Right Away" task pick the second Right Away Task. Pick it, do it. Move to next.

The difference between a To - DO list and right away approach is that you create a to do list and then start working on it one by one. While in a RA Technique you just think about the most unprocrastinable task. Everyother task goes off your mind. You are in the most alive present and your whole focus is on completing this task rather than thinking about the whole list.

If we are able to prioritise our tasks half the battle is won.  

Distractions are the worst enemy of a time manager. I bet that as soon you'll start to make a time managemnent plan the distractions will start to jump in. Here self discipline and ability to say NO comes in very handy. Willpower to say no to unplanned movies, parties and other stuff plays a major part.

Stick to a daily regime and complete it by all means. Regular practice will reduce the will power needed to get the tasks done. The saved will power could be used for harder tasks such as dating Selena Gomez and buying LinkedIn.

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