Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How can we fight Hunger and Starvation?

"A person does not have to die to prove that he is starving." 

It was the month of May 2002. I can remember my mother pondering over a piece of newspaper. I asked her what was that?

She showed my the photographs of people who died of starvation. They died because of not getting a single meal in a day. How was that possible. I went through the whole article surprised and dejected.

I was not able to sleep well in the night. 

The next morning i called two of my friends and discussed on what could we do in this matter.
We decided to form an NGO to do whatever was possible.

Somehow we were not able to start it as we got busy with studies and job.

In July 2011 we finally registered  "Lets Help Charitable Society".

As the NGO was registered we needed a bank account for it. The people at State Bank of India were very cooperative and they got it opened within a single day. It was all good till this point.

We were waiting for the checkbook to reach us via the Indian Post Office. It never reached us. On inquiring they asked to get a verification done. The form which they provided us to fill in the details was that in a format  applicable to small businesses. Still they insisted to fill it. We did it and returned to the PO staff. Now they wanted some other documents. 

We are in an endless loop here. We are working on it and hopefully will get all the formalities done in a couple of months. 

Being of any help to the starving population of world is lot more important than our own NGO. 
Will keep you updated on our efforts on this.

Currently people from 9 states of India are on the founding board of members.

As we get the website running in a month or so we'll also open the international memberships.

Till then feed someone who is unable to do it himself. 

Lets Help Charitable Society FB Page: 

Suggested Resources where you can get more info or you can give a donation:

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